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Rebates for Successful Referrals:

Referrals help us grow our business while keeping our rates low.

To thank those who do refer customers to us we will be rebating up to 100% of the Fee to do your individual or business Tax Return. For each new Person or Business you refer we will rebate you 15% of the fee to do their tax return, or 10% of the first monthly fee generated for any of our other services. The more expensive of a client that you refer, the more money you will get back. Refer enough new customers and you will get your entire Tax Return Preparation Fee back.

Examples: Refer a $100 tax client, and we will refund $15.00 to you. Refer a $200 tax client, and we will refund $30.00. Refer a Business Accounting client whose monthly fee is $400.00 and we will refund $40.00.  

On or around the First day of each month we will calculate any rebates do to clients. If you already completed your tax return and paid your bill, we will mail a check for any rebates you have earned. If you have not already completed your tax return or paid your bill then your rebate amount will be carried forward to the next month.  

Tips for making sure you get your Rebate:

1) Make sure your Referral tells us you referred them. Request some of our business cards and write you name on the back of the card before handing out.

2) Help your Referral make their appointment. When you call in to make their appointment, tell us that you are referring a friend.

3) Tell us about any referrals you have made. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or regular mail to let us know about any referrals you have made.



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                (860)887-4020 (Norwich, CT)

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